KN95 Face Mask

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N95 Face Mask with Ear Loop
Product Features              
* Standards: GB2626-2006 KN95.
* Size: 10.5x15.5cm or customized.
* Material: PP nonwoven, activated carbon layer, melt blown filter, soft cotton, PP nonwoven.
* 0.3 Micron particulates filtering >95%.
* Very low resistance to breathing, free from foreign smell,without any stimulating feeling.
* Use ultrasonic welding technology, adapts for high-humidity and fuggy sites,specially good for manual workers.
* Built-in Adjustable nosepiece, ensures comfortable wearing.
* Static dealt filter lays, can soundly obstruct low-toxicity gas, filter orangic gas, sour odor and fine dust.
* Functions: Smog / dust / pollen protection.
* Application:  Applicable to PM2.5.

Quality control and technical tests:

Production process

How to wear mask:

1. Put your fingers through the elastics. Nose bar should be found above. Place the mask on your nose and mouth.
2. Put the elastics on your ears. Pill the mask by its upper and ower edges to fully unfold it. That will ensure maximum face rotection and minimize the number of layers you need to breathe through.
3. Put on and form a stiffener above the bridge of the nose to minimize air leakage.
4. Take off the mask by grasping the elastics and pulling them off your ears. Do not touch the mask while removing-it amy contain germs. Dis pose mask after use. Wash your handscarefully.

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