Disposable Nitrile Latex Gloves Medical Grade

Product Details

Disposable Medical Gloves Specification:
Material: Nitrile Latex
Color: White
Size: S, M, L

- Super flexible, not easy to tear
- Thin, human feel design
- Made of Nitrile Latex material
- Lightweight and portable to carry
- Nitrile gloves are good anti-static properties, comfortable to wear, stickers good, flexible operation.
- Disposable nitrile gloves can be used repeatedly, not sticky, not aging, better than latex gloves.
- Disposable nitrile gloves non-toxic, non-allergenic, is the best choice for allergies.
- Ambidextrous (fits right or left hand). Convenient dispense pack keeps gloves clean and organized while providing easy access.
Package Included:
100 x Disposable White Nitrile Latex Gloves

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